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Mrs. Chapin and B.B. King
Mrs. Blackman got to spend a little time photographing and hanging out with  B.B. King and his band last summer in Pensacola and Mississippi.

Citizenship - Comes Home on Friday

Citizenship for my homeroom students should come home every Friday.  Students are to have a parent or guardian sign off that they saw it, and then return it to school Monday.  Please contact Mrs. Chapin if you are not getting it or have any questions. You can also check your student's Citizenship grade on Focus Gradebook. 

Science - Unit 2: Properties of Matter

Students will examine the properties of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Students will explain how mixtures of solids can be separated into parts. They will determine under what condition materials dissolve or not dissolve in water and will explore how to speed up or slow down this process. Students will investigate how physical and chemical changes occur.


Vocabulary - 


solid     liquid     gas    volume     mass     matter     density     chemical change     physical change     solubility     texture     dissolve     temperature

Study Jams! Tools of Measurement

Christina Chapin


School Pictures Thursday 9/20

2018/2019 History Fair

This year's National History Day's theme is "Triumph and Tragedy in History".  

It's never too early to start researching for and working on your History Fair Project.  

This is the link to the NHD official website.  This is where you can find all rules and requirements related to your project.


Here is a link to the the Escambia County School District's History Fair website with more information about History Fair and the county competition.

Parents - Make sure to check your student's grades on FOCUS Gradebook 1 to 2 times per week!

We have been really busy and getting a lot of work done in the classroom.  Grades are coming in daily.  Please make sure to check FOCUS Gradebook one to two times per week to make sure your child is getting their work turned in, completed, and doing their best.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  - Thanks!  Mrs. Chapin


Please pack your child a healthy snack that can easily be eaten in class without utensils, and that will not make their desk, papers, or books sticky.  Examples include goldfish, pretzels, cracker packs, cheese sticks, etc.  Also, if you'd like, please feel free to send in snacks for children who don't have one or may have forgotten theirs. Thank you!!


Students should have their multiplication facts mastered.  Please practice these with your children to see if they have them mastered and work with them on the ones they are still trying to get.  


Unit 3:  Multiply by 1 and 2 Digit Numbers


Students will understand how to mulitiply whole numbers and be able to explain strategies based on place value. 

Remind Class Information Texts

I will be using the Remind app to comunicate with families this year.  If you have not already signed up to get class reminders you can use this link. for Mrs. Chapin's Homeroom, and if your student is in Mrs. Higgins Homeroom. 

Mrs. Chapin's Star Wars Friends
Mrs. Chapin Star Wars friends

Class Wish List 2018/2019

Ear buds or headphones

Personal pencil sharpeners



Thank you!!



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McArthur Elementary 5th Grade Teachers
McArthur Elementary 5th Grade Teachers