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School phone:  494-5625



Math Unit 2- Adding and Subtracting Decimals

We started Unit 2 Friday, and it will continue through this week.  This unit is short and will be test Friday.  


We being Unit 3 Monday, September17th (Multiplication of Multi-Digit Numbers)- this unit will be tested Thursday, September 27th.  


Citizenship grades are sent home on Fridays.  Please sign and return on Monday.


Mindy Resmondo

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Unit 2 Matter

We are now moving into Unit 2 in Science.  MATTER...We will be doing a series of lab experiments.  If you can donate any of they following items listed below it would be greatly appreciated!


We are now beginning our unit on Matter.  We will be conducting several labs for this unit, which include:  Properties of Matter, Water Solubility, Physical and Chemical Changes and Mixtures and Solutions. 


The students grasp concepts best when they do hands on activities.  In order to provide these experiences we will need the following items:





Sugar cubes




Baking soda


Alka seltzer tablets

Coffee filters

Cooking oil (small bottle)



M & M’s

Chex cereal

Lemonade mix (powder)


If you are willing to donate any of the above items please send them in by Monday, September 17th.  If you would like to contact me prior to purchasing an item to ensure I have not received it, please do so on Bloomz. 


Thank you for your continued support!


Mindy Resmondo



Please send a pair of earbuds or headphones with your child.  Many of our new computer programs are individualized for your child and they will need to be able to listen to instructions given to them in order to complete activities.  


Thank you!

School Supplies


Materials Needed

*these are supplies that are already on the supply list, these supplies are what your child will need for Math/Science


1. 2 duo tang folders- one orange(math) and red (science)

2. Two (2) single subject spiral notebooks (minimum 100 pages)- one for math and one for science (no particular colors)

3. Notebook paper

4. Pencils (mechanical pencils are preferred) -don't forget extra lead

5. Colored pencils/Crayons (Hand-held pencil sharpener is needed if using colored pencils)

6. Glue

7. Scissors

8. Zippered pencil pouch

9. Erasers


Your child will need these supplies daily.  Majority of our classwork is completed in an interactive notebook. 


How can you help your child with math?

1.  Be sure your child knows all of their basic math facts; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. (Xtramath is great resource)

2.  Encourage your child even when they are having difficulty.

3.  Review your child's daily math lesson with them.  (Ask them to see their Math Interactive Notebook)

4.  Learn together.  Math is taught in different ways, watch videos and search the internet for ways to solve problems.




Khan Academy

Mr. Math Blog




Daily your child will complete bellwork for morning work, we will review it in class and a quiz will be given every Friday.


Timed multiplication fluency quizzes will also be given every Friday.


Homework Monday-Thursday night.



Focus Gradebook

Be sure to check Focus Gradebook weekly to keep up to date with your child's grades.  If you have any questions please call Ms. Resmondo right away. 

Snacks and water bottles:

Your child should bring a snack and water bottle each day.  Snacks cannot be anything that must be heated or eaten with a utensil.  If your child brings a snack that does not follow the guidelines they will not be permitted to eat the snack.  If your child brings anything but water in their water bottle they will not be permitted to bring a water bottle.


One of my favorite places...Disney World!

Science Unit 2- Matter

 Unit 2-Matter.  Please have your child review any notes/activities in their notebook that were completed each day.  


Unit 2  Matter



  • solid
  • liquid
  • gas
  • mass
  • volume
  • matter
  • mixture
  • solution
  • volume
  • chemical change
  • physical change