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Kristina Dumas Locker

Kristina Dumas


Pajama Party


Hello students, parents, and teachers! Below are the songs for our upcoming kindergarten program, which is May 9 at 6 pm! 


Under the songs is a file that has the lyrics to the songs, if you'd like to work on the songs at home with your child.


We are looking forward to sharing our music with you!

How to Train Your Reindeer to Fly


Hello teachers, parents, and students! Below you'll find the tracks to the 5 songs in our December Program this year. You'll also find a lyric sheet at the bottom. Please let me know if you have any questions at!


**note: In School of Reindeer, there is a line that says "The capital of New York is Albany" -- we are going to change it to "The capital of Florida is Tallahassee" both times it happens in the song. 

All County Music


Audio Tracks are below -- We are singing part 2 on all songs.

If you'd like to download the full tracks and hear what part 1 and part 2 sound like together, check out the right side of the page, under the blue oval labeled "All County" on the following page -

Let me know if you've got any questions at



Our district has full student access to Quaver Music, where your kid can play musical games that are so fun they don't realize they're learning. To access your child's account, have them log onto their CORE dashboard with the district, and select QUAVER MUSIC from the options.

Welcome to McArthur's Music Department


Hello students and parents! My name is Ms. Kristina Dumas, and I'm the full time music teacher at McArthur. (Mr. Snyder is here Tuesdays through Fridays.)


I will use this webpage to update parents with the musical happenings at McArthur for the 2018-19 school year. This school year, we'll have a kindergarten program, a second grade program, a fourth grade program, a fifth grade Veteran's Day Program, a third grade field trip, a fifth grade field trip, an All County Chorus Concert, and a Gallery Night, so get ready to make some music!





A few things about me: I live in Pensacola with my cat Flitwick. I adore traveling the world and being with friends and family. I want my classroom to be a fun learning environment involving singing, performing, moving, playing, and creating! This will be my third year at McArthur Elementary, and I’m excited to make this year even more amazing than the previous years!


I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and moved to Pensacola in 2016. As a second grader, I began private violin lessons. I was lucky enough to attend a fourth and fifth grade Performing Arts School where I studied all four of the Arts (dance, theatre, music, and visual arts). When I went to middle school, I started playing clarinet. By the time I reached high school, I auditioned and made the Mississippi All-State Lions Band three different years and got to travel to Chicago, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, and Sydney, Australia! I continued to study clarinet through college. I was lucky enough to also study abroad while in college in Strasbourg, France, and I was able to see many musical sights while in Europe. In May of 2016, I graduated with a Bachelors in Music Education from The University of Southern Mississippi. I spent this past summer taking a three-week music teacher class in the Kodály Philosophy in Chattanooga, TN. 


A few things I love: Harry Potter, Sweet Tea, Music, World Geography, Traveling, French, Chick-fil-A, and listening to and making lots of music.

Current Assignments