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I am Mrs. Amentler.  I am one of the English Language Arts teachers.  English Language Arts means reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and fluency.  All of these areas are combined in one subject.

Social Studies

We are learning about American History in Social Studies this year.  We do not have an actual text book.  We are using leaflets that look like newspapers.  The students must keep up with these newspapers for the entire length of time they are being used.  I only have enough for each child to receive one.  If your child loses his/her newspaper, another one will NOT be provided.  The student will still be responsible for ALL assignments whether he/she has the newspaper or not.


Focus is the name of the online gradebook used by teachers.  You can create a Focus account on the school district website.  Once you have a Focus account, you can access your child's grades any time you want to.  I encourage you to check Focus at least once a week to keep up with your child's progress.

Deidra Amentler

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

I want to welcome all 5th graders and their parents to the new school year.  5th grade is a challenging and exciting year.  There are a few things I want you to know so we can get of to a successful beginning.  First, our lunch is very late.  Your child will need to bring a snack and a bottle of water to school every day.  Snacks should be dry; for example, goldfish crackers or breakfast bars.  Water bottles must have a screw on lid.  No personal items or toys should be brought to school.  This includes fidget spinners.  Tennis shoes (sneakers) should be worn to school every day.  Second, information will be sent home for parents to sign up to receive messages through the "Bloomz" system.  You can download the app also.  Third, teachers are not able to control the temperature of the classrooms.  Your child may want to keep a light weight jacket in his or her backpack.  I will continue to add information to this website throughout the school year.  Check back often to keep up with what we are doing in our classroom.

Ear Buds / headphones

Please send ear buds in plastic ziplock bags or headphones for your child to use with their computers.  Your child will keep the earbuds or headphones in his or her backpack to use as needed.  Please do not send expensive headphones!!!


We have not received our chromebooks yet.  Once we do, much of 5th grade ELA work will be completed on the chormebooks.

Citizenship Report

Your child brings home the citizenship report every Friday.  It must be signed and returned on Monday.  If I don't receive it by Tuesday, your child receives a behavior mark.  

Homework Folder

Please check your child's homework folder every day.  There is a pocket for things that need to be returned, and a pocket for things you can keep.


This year we are using the "Bloomz" system to communicate with parents.  You can download the Bloomz app for free on a smart phone.  Please join both classes by using the codes.  The code for ELA and Social Studies is 39jNYK and the code for Math and Science is 9C4THP.  If you don't have a smart phone but you do have a phone that receives texts, you can still join.  Text @39jNYC to 1-858-256-6691 and text @9C4THP to 1-858-256-6691.  By joining Bloomz, you will receive messages from your child's teachers.  It will help keep you informed about what is going on in your child's classrooms.